dyner for patrons

Control your restaurant experience.


Dyner is a direct link from your mobile phone to the bar and kitchen. Best of all it is totally free. Use it to order quick and pay at lightning speed. Your orders on your own tab from start to finish make check splitting a thing of the past.

Order what you want

Customize your order
We hate carbs. Sometimes. Sometimes we love carbs - especially pie carbs. We always hate ketchup, though. If you're like us, you like to get your food and drinks your way. Dyner makes order customization free of hassle (and peer judgment).
Track your tab in real time
Keep tabs on your tab. Know exactly what you've ordered and what your total is at in real time.
How's your Portuguese?
Caipirinha - Brazil's national cocktail. Delicious. Refreshing. Hard to pronounce. Don't fret, dyner can't hear you trying to pronounce it in your head. Order away, anxiety free.

Save time

Browse the menu before you walk in the door
Know what you want to order and drink without ever setting foot in the restaurant.
Order and re-order the instant you want
Your satisfaction is the number one priority of your restaurant staff. Unfortunately, if the table next to you is ordering the entire menu one by one, you may have to wait. They'll finish eventually, but in the meantime, drop your order in through dyner.
Fast mobile payments
Short lunch break? Movie to catch? Dyner has you covered. Pay and leave at your convenience. Built-in tip slider makes calculating gratuity fast and easy.

Pay with confidence

Cardless transactions
Never take your card out of your pocket again. Save your preferred payment method to make payments quicker and safer than ever.
Transaction security
Your payment information is secure; we neither handle nor store credit card numbers or details. All processing is done through Braintree Payments, a subsidiary of PayPal. Braintree handles mobile payments for tech giants like AirBnB, Uber, Yelp, OpenTable and many more.
Military grade encryption
Safety is our top priority. We use encryption algorithms that are trusted by top public and private institutions.

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