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More orders means more money.


Turn every smartphone in your restaurant into another member of your waitstaff. Dyner allows patrons to input orders directly to your prep areas from their own devices. Mobile ordering increases tab amounts and turns tables over quicker. Our no-fee system will make your restaurant more money.

Make more money

Increase your average check

There’s a reason the big franchises have been spending hand-over-fist on mobile: studies have shown guests spend more when they order and pay using table tech.

Turn tables faster

Guests using table tech to order and pay see a 15-percent reduction in meal duration according to a report published by the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research.

Sell smarter
Dynamic menus allow you to highlight specific items for your customers. Sell what you want when you want.

Free. Seriously.

No upfront costs

Dyner costs you nothing to implement. Our proprietary system leverages your existing hardware to make installation a snap. We can set up your restaurant in one day with no disruptions to your customers or operations.

No usage costs

There are no hidden fees FEES! FEES! FEES!or service charges. We aren’t taking a cut of your transactions. We aren’t charging you a monthly subscription fee. No fine print. No strings attachedSTRING.

Only pay processing
You only pay mobile processing fees with no markup.

Built to make restaurants better

Graph - Stand out from the crowd

According to a recent National Restaurant Association study, Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers would more likely choose one restaurant over another based on tech options like electronic ordering, smartphone apps, or wifi.

Increase guest satisfaction

According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2017 State of the Industry, six in ten consumers agree restaurant technology increases convenience, service speed and order accuracy.

Roots in the restaurant industry

Dyner was created by restaurant folks for restaurant folks. We got started making small technology solutions to fix inefficiencies in the restaurant we worked at. Although our scale has changed, our goal hasn’t: always look at the source codemake restaurants the best they can be.

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